Stroke Coach

Coaching via telephone to promote chronic disease management after stroke

Stroke Coach telehealthThis project is examining the effects of two telehealth programs (Lifestyle and Memory training) on chronic disease self-management in people who have had a stroke.

The lifestyle training program provides lifestyle coaching to patients via telephone to improve health-related behaviours such as physical activity, healthy eating and stress management. Similarly, the memory training program provides memory coaching over the telephone. Although the training programs have a specific focus on self-management for healthy lifestyles and memory, the results will contribute to the overall knowledge and evidence on the uses and potential of telestroke in general. 

The study is run by a team of researchers from University of British Columbia, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre and Simon Fraser University, including Drs. Scott Lear and Brodie Sakakibara of CoHeaRT. It is led by Dr. Janice Eng from the University of British Columbia Department of Physical Therapy, and the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre.



In this 6-month program, study participants work with either a lifestyle coach or a memory coach in seven 30- to 60- minute telephone sessions.

The lifestyle training program discusses healthy lifestyles, and strategies to improve health-related behaviours, such as physical activity, diet and nutrition, and stress management. Participants also learn and practice self-management skills of goal setting, action planning, and self-monitoring. The focus of the memory training program is on attention and concentration, as well as on internal and external memory strategies.


Image adapted from Ericsson Phone 70's by Joao Paulo Correa de Carvalho