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Virtual Cardiac Rehabilitation Program poster wins at the 2017 Quality Forum


The Fraser Health Authority (FHA) presented the Virtual Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (vCRP) at the 2017 Quality Forum and won best storyboard in the Clinical Practice division. The FHA Cardiac Services Program, in partnership with BCATPR, is implementing and testing the vCRP across the FHA region.



Smart stethoscope coming to Canada


The Eko Core digital stethoscope, now available in Canada, can stream heart and lung sounds wirelessly to a secure smartphone application. The device can attach to existing stethoscopes to record, visualize and amplify the sounds. The information can be saved in patients’ electronic health records or shared across the care team.




Image credit: Eko Devices             


Webinar: Can wearables support people with arthritis to be physically active?


BCATPR Team Member Dr. Linda Li discusses current research about wearable technologies (FitBit, iWatch, etc) and the possible advantages and disavantages for getting people with arthritis moving. Dr. Li is an Associate Professor and Harold Robinson / Arthritis Society Chair in Arthritic Diseases at the University of British Columbia.



Fitbit study for older adults looking for participants

Simon Fraser University researchers Dr. Dawn Mackey and Stephanie Maganja are recruiting adults 65 years of age or older to see how well activity monitors count steps in older adults. Participants will wear a Fitbit for one week and complete some simple tests. Click here for more information.



Curatio patient support app featured on Dragon's Den

Image credit: CBC Television


Local entrepreneur Lynda Brown-Ganzert recently appeared on the television show Dragon's Den to promote the Curatio mobile app that provides patients with social support networks. Click here to watch the clip (at time 34:45).

BCATPR is currently working with Curatio to evaluate a heart-disease management app called Healing Circles.